SIA: Flying 4 times daily to Haneda.

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Agency: TBWA Singapore
Art Director: Tim Chai
Retouching: Nelson Digital Imaging

American Express.

Agency: Cuckoo
Art Director: Daphne Chan



Silkair Explorers: share your travel stories.

Hurry! Submit your travel journal to win one year's worth of SilkAir tickets!
Agency: JWT SIngapore
Art Director: Mo Chong, Minzie Liyu


Sophie Black goes Absolut Bloody.

A limited edition collectible conceived from my collaboration with Absolut Vodka, to honour the classic cocktail Bloody Mary with its premium quality to bring about the brand promise of “IN AN ABSOLUT WORLD, Every Drink is an Exceptional Experience”. Playing on the well-known Bloody Mary legend, my design of this multifaceted handheld mirror reflects my fascinations with dark, quirky, mysterious yet beautiful essences exuded by both Bloody Mary and Sophie Black.

My special thanks go to Maybelline Tan, Justine Lee & Cheong Huey Yiang. ( ' u ' )


Essential: transforms hair instantly, like magic!

So glad to hear that Kao's last Essential ad campaign has gained fantastic feedback that exceeded their estimation. I hope this year's will be even better. It was a pleasant working experience. (' u ')
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Agency: Hakuhodo Singapore
Art Director: Patrick Ng


Some rejected doodles.

personally i really like the last one.


SoyJoy introducing...

the office gang of FOUR!

the intelligent Molly:

the cool Bob:

the sporty Jojo:

the mischievous Summer:

why is their office in the forest? ...because the creative team just feel like putting them in the forest! haha...
Agency: OgilvyOne Singapore
Art Director: Sharon Tan

Sony Ericsson X10 mini.

Agency: iris Singapore
Art Director: Chris Shea


whisper-ing up in the air.

i know this post is super outdated, but...wow!!! as someone who's hiding behind the sreen and draw like a mad dog most of the time, i totally didn't know that my own illustration was printed on a big balloon like this before! how i wish i was there to see it for myself...i found this out from Whisper's site. ah... it made my day...so happy!
(' u ')
you can see the complete set of illustrations here.


Old school work.

Found this old school work (watercolour) which took me the whole semester to complete. Now looking back, I think it's quite amazing. It proved one thing: we can draw anything as long as we are observant, patient and persistent enough. Oh by the way, the face of the cow is looking too cute on this ancient sculpture. Haha...


Fun typography for YourSingapore.com

Client: Singapore Tourism Board
Agency: BBH Singapore
Art Director: Adrian Chan
3D Illustration: Nicholas Lesaffre @ Mecanique Generale


Sneak preview for SoyJoy website.

Oh! I can't wait any longer to see Bob & friends go live in SoyJoy website...



Lasalle sees Kat's state of mind.

Agency: Cuckoo
Art Director: Robert Davies, Daphne Chan
Writer: John Scott