Aliens for 3M

Art Director: Shawn Loo
Agency: Every Matter


Apple, for 666 Frames by Anti Denim.

"The apple, an affectionate invitation from the dark side.
This is no ordinary apple. This is a magical wishing fruit.
One bite and all your dreams will come true.
Now make a wish and take a bite.
You will stay in your dream forever."

A collaboration with Anti Denim, the 'True Norwegian Black Denim', for 666 FRAMES project.

666 FRAMES is an ongoing art project curated by Anti Denim. An international project consisting of 666 images or “frames” in order to create a movie. 666 unique artists from all over the world are selected to create their own frame of darkness. Each frame will be uploaded and displayed online with a short story about each artist, with images, movie clips and behind the scene stories.

The project will also end up in a 666 page book with an exhibition of the work submitted.


'Autopsy' is a cross-examination of people and the roles their clothes play. It is a series of documentation that melds cut-ups of marred faces and spliced bodies with honest handwritten words to unveil the contradictory facets of individuals who are shielded beneath their armour of clothes.

This series of documentations was a collaboration with Sartorial Daily. It was showcased together with Street Peek X Faded Crimson, Lil Red Dot Folks X Amanda Keisha Ang and Shentonista X Messymsxi for 'The Unusual Suspects' at Madnest Cafe. An exhibition curated by Uniform, featuring a myriad of mixed media works that meld street style fashion photography with illustration and art.