something ABSOLUT.

In conjunction with Singapore Design Festival 2009, ABSOLUT has invited five designers (fFurious, H55, Kuanth, Kult and myself) to create a word art installations that capture the brand’s anthem, "IN AN ABSOLUT WORLD, Doing Things Differently Leads to Something Exceptional."

I was given the word "SOMETHING" for the installation. And I have chosen the magical combination of a kaleidoscope within a diamond to express the ABSOLUT world: pure with perfection, yet unrestricted in limitation. While SOMETHING is abstract in meaning - undetermined or unspecified. It is for the beholders to interpret what SOMETHING means to them. The use of kaleidoscope within a diamond facilitates this process by allowing the viewers to see what is reflected on the multi-faceted surface depending on their point on view.

This diamond-kaleidoscope was totally handmade. And it's my first time doing something 3D. Although the finishing is not as perfect as what I wanted, but I have tried my very best and I am happy to be given this chance after all. Looking forward to do more installation, but hopefully with more production time. (' u ')

My handmade 2000 karat diamond!

Kaleidoscope within the diamond.!

The exhibition is at ION (outside MiuMiu) from 20th to 30th November.
I'm so grateful to ABSOLUT for this chance, Audrey & Denise for the coordination and friends who helped me with the making of this diamond-kaleidoscope!


Royal Caribbean International: build your dreamship.

Build your dreamship here.
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Agency: XM Asia & Kilo Studio


HP: your campus, your canvas.

final version:

rejected version:

Agency: Publicis
Art Director: Karl Ng


Sophie Black X Steelcase Think Chair

Sophie Black joined other eleven of the country’s top fashion, interiors and graphic designers, architects and artists to collaborate with Steelcase to rethink, redesign and customise the award-winning Think chair. Steelcase, the global leader in the design and manufacture of inspired office furniture products and workspaces, that improve efficiency with a minimum impact on the environment.


Whisper: have a happy period!

My favourite emoticons expressing "happy it's here". Please visit the website to see lovely cute animation of these emoticons. (' u ')

Here are the rest. Please click on the image to enlarge.

Illustrator's version of backgrounds.

Agency: Arc Worldwide
Art Director: Yenyen Yeo



SophieBlack is going to sit down and think for Steelcase.
coming soon.


Essential: カワイイはつくれる!

illustrator's version:

Snapshots from actual sites:

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Agency: Hakuhodo Singapore
Art Director: Patrick Ng


Just for you.

Sophie Black is happy to be featured in this lovely book with the title "Just for you - designs from the heart". This was submitted last year and it's finally out! (' u ')
Publisher: www.indexbook.com
Editor: Pablo Correa


Characters for Listerine campaign.

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Agency: JWT Singapore
Art Director: Elisa Tan



Despite the extreme pain suffered from that firework blast, lucky Sophie Black saw wonderful hypercolor when she was down in a deep well of hell. That precious colour painted by family & friends with love.



“Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you” ~Nathaniel Hawthorne~

Preview of hypercolor in Sophie's eyes.

Find out what Sophie Black saw when she was in extreme pain.
HYPERCOLOR is an exhibition designed to stimulate eyeballs. See 10 Singapore illustrators (twisstii, eeshaun, brick, random sunday, mindflyer, kuanth, mojoko, kittozutto, sheryo, and sokkuan) freak out with hypercolor at Loft & Public, 16A Haji Lane. Please feel free join us at the opening party that is starting at 7pm on 25 June. (' u ')


Sony Ericsson W508.

Agency: Iris Singapore
Art Director: Jimmy Lee