Sophie Black goes Absolut Bloody.

A limited edition collectible conceived from my collaboration with Absolut Vodka, to honour the classic cocktail Bloody Mary with its premium quality to bring about the brand promise of “IN AN ABSOLUT WORLD, Every Drink is an Exceptional Experience”. Playing on the well-known Bloody Mary legend, my design of this multifaceted handheld mirror reflects my fascinations with dark, quirky, mysterious yet beautiful essences exuded by both Bloody Mary and Sophie Black.

My special thanks go to Maybelline Tan, Justine Lee & Cheong Huey Yiang. ( ' u ' )


Essential: transforms hair instantly, like magic!

So glad to hear that Kao's last Essential ad campaign has gained fantastic feedback that exceeded their estimation. I hope this year's will be even better. It was a pleasant working experience. (' u ')
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Agency: Hakuhodo Singapore
Art Director: Patrick Ng