Sophie Black goes Absolut Bloody.

A limited edition collectible conceived from my collaboration with Absolut Vodka, to honour the classic cocktail Bloody Mary with its premium quality to bring about the brand promise of “IN AN ABSOLUT WORLD, Every Drink is an Exceptional Experience”. Playing on the well-known Bloody Mary legend, my design of this multifaceted handheld mirror reflects my fascinations with dark, quirky, mysterious yet beautiful essences exuded by both Bloody Mary and Sophie Black.

My special thanks go to Maybelline Tan, Justine Lee & Cheong Huey Yiang. ( ' u ' )


krissie said...

thatt isss soo awesome!

sokkuan said...

thank you, Krissie! ( ' u ' )

Kazumi said...


sokkuan said...


nice dream said...

nice!! :)

sokkuan said...

thanks nice dream!
have a nice dream ( ' u ' )

Weudl said...

Hi sokkuan

Thi sis a real nice item, i just love it. Congratulation.

Do you know if there is any way to get this item?? i really would love to get it because i'm a real big absolut fan and collector. Too bad i live in Europe and cant go to singapore just for this item.

Thanks alot for your help

sokkuan said...

Hi Weudl,

Wow, thank you so much for your support! :-)
Will you give me your email so that I can patch you through the person in charge?


john said...

Hi, this item is awesome!!!
Im an Absolut collector from Brazil, does anyone knows how can i get it?? i need some help, please!!!
Thank you.

john said...

This item is awesome!!!
Im an Absolut collector from Brazil and i ned some HUGE help to get this item!! can anyone help me please!! :D
Thank you.

John (popper82@gmail.com)

za-m渣m. zam said...

hi!~ i'm graphic design student from kuala lumpur who also want to do the Absolut Vodka packaging design.
But i'm just start my research.
Hope you can give me instruction how to do a such beautiful and attractive packaging!><

za-m渣m. zam said...

I'm graphic design student from kuala lumpur who also want to do Absolut Vodka packaging design as my final folio in this subject.
Since you can do the packaging so well-done and interesting, hope you can give me some direction~~><
I'm starting my research now only.><
Really stucking now....

sokkuan said...

Hi John,

Thanks so much for your support!! As this limited edition item is only available in Singapore market, I didn't expect there are so many inquiries coming from overseas like Brazil! I'm not sure how I can help you with this. Please let me check first and let you know though email.

Again, thanks so much for your support!

( ' u ' )


sokkuan said...

Hi Zam,

Sure. My pleasure to help.
Maybe you can start with topics you like first (eg. Absolut bottle with cats, Absolut bottle in manga style) then share with me your rough sketch via email. I'll try my best to advice.

( ' u ' )

Anonymous said...

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sokkuan said...

hi kot-maksss,

thank you so much for sharing this with me! i'm so surprised! thank you!

( ' u ' )

Ian said...

hi sok kuan,

i would like to get this limited edt vodka too. appreciate if u could help out! thx!


Barffie said...

Hi Sok Kuan,
Love this - where is this available? (I know I am verrry late).

sokkuan tye said...

Hi Barffie, thanks!

It is a gift item with every 2 bottles purchase of ABSOLUT VODKA. “ABSOLUT Sophie” mirror is available at selected bars and clubs between mid-August and mid-November.

I'm so sorry that the promotion is over.

The Gossip Eye said...

This limited edition is spectacular.
Here in Spain has not seen anything like it!


sokkuan tye said...

Really? I haven't been to Spain before. Glad to hear that. Thank you!