Asian Illustrators by Monsa Publications.

My fellow illustrator, Kuanth, is in too.
Other illustrators whom I like. :-)

By Monsa Publications from Spain.
Editor, concept and project director: Josep M. Minguet
Art Direction, selection of artists: Eva Minguet Camara.

Singapore Airlines: Singapore pop-up map

Agency: TBWA Singapore
Art Director: Anuar Abu
Retoucher: Felix Wang


Piratable Narcissism.

A collaboration between Nakedlovemystery by Mo and Sadako's unfashionable fashion diary. Check out the ultimate of Narcissism here.

Sadako's unfashionable fashion diary – not really about fashion.

Secretly a Sadako's fan, I have stopped watching any horror movie since The Ring. Only recently I realised that Sadako has still actually left a profound impact within me since then. This contribution is my expressions of fear (and love?) towards this classic horror movie figure with my own unfashionable fashion. Through this exercise, I hope to conquer my inner fear by getting familiar with Sadako's spirit. WARNING: you may not find any substantial value in Sadako's diary, read on at your own risk.