mini preview

This project has been taking the longest time, I really like these work. Can't wait for these to be out, I guess a mini preview should be fine. :-p



rejected work but i like.


Happy Halloween!

I didn't know Einstein did act cute too. Peace~ ('u')


Some sections from Coke internal fact book

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Singapore
Art Director: Felicia Chan


A friendly interview by ThunderChunky.co.uk

I enjoyed the questions prepared by Stephan Chan (which himself is a great illustrator/graphic designer too, based in liverpool). Really appreciate his effort of doing research about my background before throwing me those funny questions. This interview helped me understand myself better. (Yup yup it made me THINK, once in a blue moon...)


Bling-bling for OIC 2nd Birthday!

Contributed this simple stamp design for OIC 2nd Anniversary. There are many other designs contributed by many artists for this special event as well. Check it out here. ('u')


Original drawings for The Days

Please click on image for bigger view.

Some motion graphic clips from The Days

Somehow these turn out very small and low quality, I have no idea how to make the viewing quality better. Sorry about that. :-p


The Days

Big thanks to Boi Kwong, director of 歲月 (The Days), for offering me a rare chance to create some very masculine illustrations which I have never done before, collaborating with Josef Lee who does all the amazing motions. The movie will be screened in September. Let's support local film!
(Will post complete set of illustrations soon)

Canon is cute is me (^.^)

Agency: Dentsu Singapore
Art Director: Eunice Hee

Mitsubishi: a Colt to suit your personality

Agency: Batey
Art Director: Derrick Kuah


Orient Love

Some character-designs put together with photos taken from my trip...

more to come.


Sophie Black X ION Shopping Mall

Outdoor display at the hoarding of ION shopping mall together with Andy Yang, Drewscape, Eeshaun, Fleecircus, Speakcryptic, Xin etc.
Thanks to Fleecircus for the photos!
Agency: DDB
Gallery: Night & Day


Yahoo! Vietnam Y-pod game

online game targeting students to promote Yahoo! in Vietnam.
collaboration with kuanth.
Agency: OgilvyOne Singapore
Art Director: Xavier Teo


which type are you?

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Singapore
Art Director: Melvyn Lim


Long awaited Sophie Black X Kyurii tote!

Finally! Our eco-friendly shopping bag is out. Check it out from kyurii!


you are shaped by your travels

Agency: McCann Erickson
Art Director: Goh Wee Kim
Creative Director: Farrokh Madon


magic moments at HP office

Please click on image to enlarge.
Agency: Publicis
Art Director: Karl Ng