Sophie Black featured in Great Big Book of Fashion Illustration

My fellow illustrators, Twisstii and Jason Siew, are featured in the book too. (' u ')~*
Author: Martin Dawber
Publisher: Batsford

Kuih-muih for Neofolk @ Cutlog 2011, Paris.

Together with Kuanth (Malaysia/Singapore), Redslim08 (Philippines), Darbotz (Indonesia), Samuel Indratma (Indonesia), Arya Palguna (Indonesia) Jam Wu (Taiwan) and Syan aka MC Yan (Hong Kong),
it was great pleasure to be able to do my second art installation for NeoFolk exhibition at Cutlog contemporary art fair in Paris this year. It was curated by Damien Brachet from Gorgeous Productions. Neo Folk explores the work of artists in Asia who rediscovers their roots and traditional crafts, more weird and wonderful creations by different artists are featured in Kult magazine.

“I would like to shower my audience with blessings of love and happiness by drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese lucky charms that have adorned homes for centuries. I’ve always been fascinated by their intricacy in detail yet simplicity in representation
of forms – plus, who wouldn't want an extra boost of good luck in their lives? To add a fun, original twist, my version of this folk-art handicraft features nostalgic snacks, loved by Singaporeans of all generations. Working with felt, I created this homage to Singaporean culture by showcasing traditional tidbits, locally known as “Kuih”. These bite-sized morsels make no apologies when it comes to their bold use
of colour and flavour. Sweet, salty, savoury and spicy – they are an aromatic blend of Chinese, Malay, and Indian; a seemingly strange brew of heady tastes and flavours that come together in perfect balance and harmony. Literally a feast for the eyes, this larger-than-life charm brings a taste of Asia to the world. A satisfying serving of warmth and happiness, like the comfort of home cooking.”

This installation is 70cm X 70cm X 100cm, made with felt, polyster, acrylic and bamboo. You can find 41 kuihs in total and below are some individual snapshots of the kuihs:
The making of this installation was therapeutic in the beginning but it turned into crazy hell later on which... I think I died twice in it. I must thank all my angels who had lent me your hands in the making:
• Mom
• YK Lim
• Kuan
• Sin
• Twisstii
• Priscilla Wong
• Yohei Yamaguchi
• Maureen Cheng
• Adeline Chia
• Priya Suri
• Teo studio

The making of Kuih-muih for NeoFolk.

Here are some random snaps during the making. I'm glad that I have outdone myself. Wondering what's coming up next.