see you in the dark :: Sophie Black's 13 treasured documentation

#1. “This picture was taken when I first met Black Hair. We clicked immediately. I invited her to climb on my head and keep me company. Luckily for both of us, she agreed.”

#2. “This is the first time Black Hair and I went for Hanami (sakura viewing) together. Not a surprise that she loves sakura...because I love it too!”

#3. “Kuma Chan is my friend. She looks slutty but in fact she’s a shy baby... Uhumm... well... like me.”

#4. “Ms. Karasu is such a diva. I only befriended her because we both think that black is the coolest colour there is.”

#5. “Ms. Kurokuro hates it when I stick straws into her territory. I just like seeing her panic like a mad fish. But I have to admit that the way she sways in the water is very stylish.”

#6. “Ms. Fukurou is my kaki with whom I watch the moon and the stars. Judging from her expression in this picture, I bet she has never seen a dandelion before although she denies it.”

#7. “In this picture, Black Hair and I are trying to imitate an ice-cream. It’s the perfect hiding place on a hot summer’s day, don’t you agree?”

#8.“Black Hair and I drank a little too much. We were smashed, but not so smashed that we forgot to do our leg lifts... they help keep our body in perfect physical shape.”

#9.“I find it hard to fart while wearing a thong. All you girls out there, don’t you think so too?”

#10.“I know everyone is attracted to me, but I HATE it when flies hover around me. Can you just tell them to f*** off!”

#11. “I met Mr. Daruma in a heavy downpour. I didn’t know he was made for making wishes. Errm... Mr. Daruma, my apologies for being so rude. Will you please grant me a wish?”

#12. “Whenever Teru Bozu fails to bring me sunshine, she lets me hide inside of her so that I may admire the beauty of raindrops.”

#13. “I hate it when I cry over silly things...I just can’t help it. This is the ugliest picture of me, and I promise there won’t be a second one.”

saw you in the dark

Big thanks to all of you who came to support! And thanks to Kelley Cheng and Randy Chan from Night&Day for making this beautiful stage for us! ('u')