Kuih-muih @ Open House Occupy

Kuih-muih has flewn all the way back from Paris, its first show at Cutlog Paris, to Tiong Baru to take part in the only Singapore art walk-about, Open House Occupy. I'm very glad to be given this opportunity by Alan Oei, the curator of Open House (OH!), because Kui-muih is created as a lucky charm that's supposed to be hung in a house for happy blessings. I'm so lucky to have it hung in Liz's cozy bedroom. I hope all my local audience will enjoy this lucky charm that's filled with many traditional snacks which have been giving us happy and sweet memories since childhood.

Other 14 artists who take part in this event are Ang Song Nian, Cindy Salim, Dilys Ng, Gilles Massot, Green Zeng, Isabelle Desjeux, Jying Tan, Lavender Chang, Marc Gabriel Loh, Mark Wong, Patrick Storey, Race Krehel, Stephen Black and Zhao Renhui.

OH! will be open from 4pm till 9pm on 18, 19, 25 and 26 February. The tour starts at Tiong Bahru Community Ctr, 67A Eu Chin Street. $15 tickets are sold at the door, and the last tour leaves at 8pm. Please visit the OH! website for more details.