Some rejected doodles.

personally i really like the last one.


SoyJoy introducing...

the office gang of FOUR!

the intelligent Molly:

the cool Bob:

the sporty Jojo:

the mischievous Summer:

why is their office in the forest? ...because the creative team just feel like putting them in the forest! haha...
Agency: OgilvyOne Singapore
Art Director: Sharon Tan

Sony Ericsson X10 mini.

Agency: iris Singapore
Art Director: Chris Shea


whisper-ing up in the air.

i know this post is super outdated, but...wow!!! as someone who's hiding behind the sreen and draw like a mad dog most of the time, i totally didn't know that my own illustration was printed on a big balloon like this before! how i wish i was there to see it for myself...i found this out from Whisper's site. ah... it made my day...so happy!
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you can see the complete set of illustrations here.