Long awaited Sophie Black X Kyurii tote!

Finally! Our eco-friendly shopping bag is out. Check it out from kyurii!


Anonymous said...

awesome. my most favourite would be still the same - sophie black in the icecream cone! X)

- aczy

sokkuan said...

ya! that one is one of my favourites too! thank you! ('u')

Priscilla Wong said...

wooooooooooooo, i have been waiting for this the longest time!!!! very very very nice! sophie is as usual so cool! most important it eco-friendly.:)

sokkuan said...

haha! yes! eco-friendly! I hate plastic bags!

Anonymous said...

Finally arrived! Nice!!!
Will pong ni the chang(^-^)v
get one from the net with Prissy.

sokkuan said...

yay! どうもありがとう!

feli said...

I've got myself one! :)

I just came across your blog and i love your illustrations!! all of them! i would love to use them as inspiration for my scrapbooking projects.. Is that ok with you? I'd love to feature your works on my blog... :)

hope to hear from you soon!

sokkuan said...

Hi Feli,

Thanks for your support! ('u')
Yup! It's my pleasure to be featured in your blog.
Thank you!

p.s: i tried to access to your blog but failed...


feli said...

here's my blog... filiksia.blogspot.com

Will link back to your blog when i feature you..
thank you so much! :)