Mitsubishi: a Colt to suit your personality

Agency: Batey
Art Director: Derrick Kuah


coltclub said...

hello.. is this your work ?
i am from romania and i made a mitsubishi colt club and here is the adress : www.coltclub.ro u are more then welcome and u have of course a english corner if you whant to say something.
in other case i really like te image creation and corently i whant to make a good loking header for the forum but i havent made something that i am proud of.
if you will like to help me out, give an example or an advice i will sore apreciate.
part' my bad english :P
have a nice day

sokkuan said...

hi Mr. ColtClub,

Thanks for your comment!

In fact the stickers on the cars were not designed by me, Mitsubishi is selling these cars with stickers on it. My job was to put these 2 cars in a nice composition and illustrate them. (' u ')

if you need an illustration of colt cars on your header in the forum, i can help with a fee. please email to talk about details if you are keen. my email is tye_sk@yahoo.com.sg

looking forward to hearing from you!

(' u ')