Sophie Black is in the garden of eye candy

Book published by PageOne, produced by BigBros Workshop & Basheer Graphic Books.
Thanks to SiJuan for inviting!


Zee said...

i bought the book from KLDW recently. i was amaze by Sophie. kinda surprise when i found out the designer coming from malaysia and he was a TOA zombie!! im a TOA zombie too! u must be graduated looong time ago is it? u hv an amazing artworks.


sokkuan said...

Hi Zee,

haa..TOA "zombie"? yes i graduated long time ago. how about you?


Zee said...

im in my final year now. under Multimedia course. class MM711 to be exact. kinda nervous to actually graduate n enter the industry. but feel glad when i see my senior doing great as well. very inspiring :]

sokkuan said...

hi Zee, ADD OIL!! and all the best for you! ('u')