see you in the dark :: Sophie Black's 13 treasured documentation

#1. “This picture was taken when I first met Black Hair. We clicked immediately. I invited her to climb on my head and keep me company. Luckily for both of us, she agreed.”

#2. “This is the first time Black Hair and I went for Hanami (sakura viewing) together. Not a surprise that she loves sakura...because I love it too!”

#3. “Kuma Chan is my friend. She looks slutty but in fact she’s a shy baby... Uhumm... well... like me.”

#4. “Ms. Karasu is such a diva. I only befriended her because we both think that black is the coolest colour there is.”

#5. “Ms. Kurokuro hates it when I stick straws into her territory. I just like seeing her panic like a mad fish. But I have to admit that the way she sways in the water is very stylish.”

#6. “Ms. Fukurou is my kaki with whom I watch the moon and the stars. Judging from her expression in this picture, I bet she has never seen a dandelion before although she denies it.”

#7. “In this picture, Black Hair and I are trying to imitate an ice-cream. It’s the perfect hiding place on a hot summer’s day, don’t you agree?”

#8.“Black Hair and I drank a little too much. We were smashed, but not so smashed that we forgot to do our leg lifts... they help keep our body in perfect physical shape.”

#9.“I find it hard to fart while wearing a thong. All you girls out there, don’t you think so too?”

#10.“I know everyone is attracted to me, but I HATE it when flies hover around me. Can you just tell them to f*** off!”

#11. “I met Mr. Daruma in a heavy downpour. I didn’t know he was made for making wishes. Errm... Mr. Daruma, my apologies for being so rude. Will you please grant me a wish?”

#12. “Whenever Teru Bozu fails to bring me sunshine, she lets me hide inside of her so that I may admire the beauty of raindrops.”

#13. “I hate it when I cry over silly things...I just can’t help it. This is the ugliest picture of me, and I promise there won’t be a second one.”


imnotlonelywithcamera said...

Awesome... and great job! Congrats!

Zid said...

Hey yet another malaysian artist based in singapore now. I found out about your blog from F.A.R.M which I'm also part of hehe.

Interesting body of work, very stylized. Looking forward to see more! Looks like I'll be spending the next few hours browsing your material.

Anonymous said...

I loved your Illustration collection! 素敵!

nyukshan said...

wow!! i really LOVE your creation~~

不娃娃 Buwawa said...

I like this series. Dark fun. ^^